Mar 31b, 2012 - Back at Gibbs Gardens

Ella runs across the bridge in Gibbs' Japanese Gardens.

Nearby is a big cypress(?) tree that has a lot of "knees."
Ella is intrigued and walks around it, but gets concerned when she encounters a bee on the other side.

Playing with Lolly.

Climbing on the bear.

Ella finds a cat to play with.
(Ella likes all animals and isn't biased like her parents.)

Notice mommy and Lolly are at a safe distance from the puss.

(That's fun to type.)

Lolly and Pop imagine this as their back yard.

Jill and Ella join them.

Walking down the daffo-hill.

The picturesque gazebo.

Ella wonders why I keep taking pictures.
It's in part 'cause her eyes keep being blue.

...and because she keeps being so darn cute.

On the way home, we stop at Amos BBQ.

If you can judge a place by its clientele (these two being well-fed and a bit alternative), this is gonna be good - and it was!

Back home, Ella gets an Easter present from Lolly & Pop.

Els helps Lolly open it.

It's a beautiful dress.

and shows - Ella loves shoes!