Mar 31a, 2012 - Back at Gibbs Gardens

It was a beautiful day - and we didn't get to see everything the previous weekend, so we went back to Gibbs.

We start at the Japanese Gardens,

where fittingly enough, there were still some cherry blossoms on the trees.

Very cool section.

Ella is loving it.

Just a cool place to walk. Very thankful for Amy telling us about it!

Ella hangs out with a Japenese budda (ahem).

Wild azaleas.

My girls - two of each of 'em!

Taking the left fork.

Showing off her goodies.

Ella runs crookedly on the crooked bridge.

Gorgeous trees!

Ella plays with a stone that was carved to have two stone goldfish at the bottom.

Lolly reads to Ella.

I love my climber!

Taking off toward the geese.

Pointy wings don't make good climbing seats, so Ella opts for a hug.

Els and Pop pose on a picturesque peninsula.