Mar 26a, 2012 - Nana's birthday at Gibbs Gardens

Well, I did say it was Nan's birthday - and I do have a few shots of her and the rest of the family.
As we headed up the daffo-hill, Jamey and Bill lead Nana, Amy, Conner, Jere, and Molly around the lake.

We meet up with them at the manor house, which has a poolhouse we decide we'd all die for.

Nan enjoys the porch's overlook and the children.

A bee enjoys some nectar.

Amy and Bill are always so great to plan family outings like this.
What a gorgeous couple.

Heading back down the hill through the 'back yard' of the manor house.

Speaking of the manor house, here is a nice view of it from below.

Ella loves her some flowers.


Ella also loves Molly, following her everywhere - and imitating.

Ella and Juani by a bank of daffoils.

Ella wants to climb the "oso."
(I thought it was a "lobo," but that wouldn't explain the fish below it.)

Molly patiently waited her turn and now climbs up for herself.


A currently-dry Molly and Conner find a creek, where they can change that status over lunch.

Trapsing through the tall grass.

Els adores her Juani - and vice versa.

Bill loves both of his little girls.

Back near the entrance, a dragonfly patrols the lilly pond for skeeters.

Jill and Ella look for tadpoles.

We grab a lunch at their Arbor Café, after which Juani gives Nana a birthday present - a white Christmas cactus.
It was a great morning, but we have to get Ella back for a nap. (No worries; we'll be back.)

Thanks so much for organizing it, Amy!
Happy birthday, Nana!