Mar 26a, 2012 - Nana's birthday at Gibbs Gardens

Amy organized a morning at the newly-opened Gibbs Gardens for Nan's birthday.
We got there a bit early, so we went on in.

Ella was enjoying the beautiful spring day.

Running back and forth on the grass by the entrance as we listened to Mr. Gibbs drone on for 30 minutes about every nuance of his gardens.

Running a bit out of steam, Ella stops to appreciate her surroundings.

After a while, we slowly meander into theg gardens.

My girls stand guard by a lake-front gazebo.

Ella learns where to go next.

Looking back over the grounds, you can see many of the trees haven't had their leaves come in, yet. It is going to be gorgeous when they do.

We make it to the section for which they have become so instantly famous - hilly acres filled with four million daffodils.

Ella learns what Mr. Gibbs said in his dissertation - of the three bloomers (early, mid, and late - and these being the last), only the late-bloomers are fragrant. (Apparently no one knows why.)

What we thought was the trail (apparently confused by Gibbs' speach) turned out to be some stair-started offroading.

Juani is amused by what we call mountains, but we all like the view.

The yard here is like the Augusta Nationals without the greens. Awesome.

Jill, Juani, and Carey pose.

I ask Ella to pose with the statue.

Perhaps when she realizes she can't climb on it, she has a miniature meltdown.

Well, 2/3 of the daffodils have bloomed, leaving a mere million and change.
The tupips are gone, leaving a token few like this one in pots around the grounds.