March 19, 2012 - The Birds of Zoo Atlanta

We went to the zoo on a beautiful Sunday morning.

They had a snake out where you could put it.

The buzzards were showing off. That was not expected.

The keepers also had an milky eagle owl out to check out.

It got all riled up for a moment.

Such a beautiful bird...

We got there just in time for a bird show.
The keepers showed some exotic birds,

then a Harris Hawk (the same kind with which we walked in Ireland), which entertained the crowd with flyovers

and big landings.

I don't know why you'd want to keep a bird as a pet, but they are such elegant creatures to watch.

Then there was this African hornbill. Funky on the ground.

Funkier in the air. When he flew over, he created so much wind, it was a bit scary.

Again, another fun one to watch.

Finally, they brought out a macaw (I think).
(I found this one the least interesting. The bigger and stranger ones were more fun.)

After the bird show, we went to see the tigers and pandas.
Another great day at the zoo.