March 11, 2012 - Gymdogs with

After enjoying the city for a while, we finally head into the Coliseum.

Juani and Cas are excited.

Just a few more minutes...

Well, actually, we have some pre-meet entertainment - a group of young gymnasts performing in exhibition.

Ella is certainly ready.
She has her pompom and a cape!

The girl on the far right doesn't look too much smaller than Ella.

Having a good time.

Here is the pregame show...

I love the graphic!

...and here come the Gymdogs.

Fireworks - and Ella isn't scared a bit.

Wow. They're bright.

The meet begins with Georgia on the vault.

Ella is good at finding and tracking the gymnasts.

Nice handstand!

You're not going to believe this, but she actually lands back on the high bar. She looks so far away! But first,

she has to continue her flippy thing.

Her dismount is very high.

She looks oiut of control to me, but this is her release from the high bar, landing back on the high bar. but first,

Kat has to do a split.

Kat again on the beam.

She's 'bendy.'

Holy crap.

Same girl on the floor. This chick is really good.
Georgia manhandles NC State. We enjoy it. Totally worth skipping naptime.