March 4, 2012 - Katherine, Rich, and Eliza visit

Rich and Katherine came over one Saturday night with Eliza. Ella was so interested and wanted to show Eliza all her dolls.

Ella was also interested in Eliza's toys.

Jill gets her turn.
K&R appeared more trusting in person than they appear on film.

Jill's loving it. Not sure Rich agrees.

Pretty girl.

Such big, blue eyes!

Ella warmed up to Rich pretty quickly and wanted him to help her cook.

We have dinner. Afterwards, as Eliza was a little fussy, I thought I'd see if music helped soothe her.

I think it worked.

Ella liked it.

After dinner was Ella's favorite part...
Watching Dora with

Katherine and Eliza.

Near the end of the evening for Ella, she had to say good night to the baby...


Rich and Katherine helped put Ella to bed. Ella was very sweet as Rich read her a book. Precious.
It is fun for us to see Eliza and imagine back when Ella was that age.
I hope it is fun for Rich & Katherine to see Ella as a glimpse of where Eliza will be in two years.