Mar, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Juani

(all captions courtesy of Juani)

it was a beautiful suny morning at the playground...

playing with the puzzle

snack time....Ella loves eats queso fresco...

spending the moornig at the play room

just readimg some books...

Georgia superhero : ) :) :)

today she was coloring the books

a beautiful sunny morning at the play ground

feeding the doll it was so cute...

i love how she looks on her hello kitty t-shirt..

at the High Art museum ..

it was a wonderfull morning with Suzanne Grandma..

Ella is so cute... i really like this picture :)

Ella was playing with the cellphone and pretending to call and to talk with Gussy .. it was so cute ..

a the swing chair in a beautiful sunny morning

this oulfit is cute.. she looks beautiful.. :)

just beautiful with this hair style..

art time at the play room