Feb 26, 2012 - the Zoo at the Zoo

we went to the zoo on a lovely Sunday, not knowing that Wal-Mart had sold $5 tickets good for this day only.

The lines stretched all the way around the office building, down to the end of the parking lot,

then back to the other end of the parking lot. I'd guess it was about 500 yards long.

We got inside fairly early (and zipped through the members' entrance, since all other members were smart enough to stay home).

Ella loves geting her picture taken on the various statues around the park.

She really loves this giraffe.

Spying on meerkats.

Carrying Ella through the throngs.

We have a private moment with one of their elephants.

This is Tara. (Her tail has hair.)

We usually just glance at these funky birds by the front gate, but today, they were makeing such a ruckus, probably because of all of the people. I had to take a picture.

Carousel ride!

Ella wanted to ride the cheetah.

She loves the carousel (and train).

Sweet moment.

That was it - a fairly quick trip to the zoo since it was so crowded. We'll go back soon and spend more time.