Feb 19, 2012 - Goodbye Teté. Welcome Juani!

For the party, we meet at Buca di Beppo with some friends.

August enjoys some freedom before lunch.

Ella wants to take August by the hand and walk around.

Maybe she wanted some privacy.

We have a good turnout for the Goodbye/Hello party.
On the left are August's (Gucy's) parents Josh and Cheryl.
Across next to mom are au pairs Julia (Germany), Juani, Adriana, Teté, friend Justin, and Francis' replacement Casandra.

Now we can see August and Justin - and we're joined by another friend, Sylvester.

August is having a good time.

It was a big meal, followed by few gifts.

Mom made Teté a framed collage of some of their time together.

Jokes and smiiles.

Mom gives Juani a book about life in the US.

We give Juani an evening out - dinner and a movie for two.

Ella gives Teté an engraved jewlery box

and matching bracelet.



Ella seems to know something is up, but doesn't realize her year with Teté is very closed to up.

Julia gives Teté a collage of their time together.

Good friends.

Sorry for the few pictures of Juani, but she's been stuck at the end of the table.
She finally escapes for hugs and kisses - and we are glad she did. As much as Teté will be missed, We are so excited to have her living with us next year.