Feb 9-12, 2012 - CPC in Puerto Rico

As a reward for a big 2012, NCR sent about 300 people plus spouses to El Conquistador on Puerto Rico's northeast coast for the Century Point Club trip.
The flight and hour-long bus to the resort was just part of it. After check-in, we walk across the resort, take an elevator down,

and finally see the area where we're headed.

Getting closer..

We spot a ferry taking folks to the resort's private island-beach.

Then, we take a funicular down to the lower resort - a kind of children's table of rooms.

Looking back up the funicular track.

As night falls, we head back up to the main resort for a cocktail party.

The next morning, we have an organized activity to build a bike for local charities.

My teammates were a Peruvian couple.

We get to present the bikes to the recipient children.

The sun starts to set on our second day.

When night falls today,

We head over to the beach-island for a dinner party.

The next day, we head back to the beach for the actual beach part.

The water is awesome.

Looking back at the resort on the mainland (if you can call Puerto Rico a 'mainland).

That night, Douglas Henderson (my boss' boss), his wife Monica, Ashley Smith, her husband Eric (my boss), Jill and I head down for the gala.

That is cool,

as are the statuesque opera singers.
It was a neat trip- and a new perk from my new company.
But, we're anxious to meet Juani!!