Jan 22, 2012 - The Zoo

The zoo always starts with the flamingos, and Els never gets tired of them.

Neither does daddy.

Ella crawls on the lion statue, but meanwhile...

the lioness stretches and gets ready...

to lie down for a while.

Pretty blue eyes.


Jill captures the elusive golden pheasant.

A mommy gorilla holds her baby.

The tiger was especially active.

Ella watches attentively.

A cub stands watch by mom.


Sun bear!
They're never moving. Awesome.

The girls take a ride on the carousel.

Ella was nervous and wanted to hold mom's hand.

That's sweet.

The girls board the train, so I get to run around for a few minutes to get into position - and I spot a cassowary.
These guys are mean, but really cool-looking.

Here comes the train!

Hi Ella.
"Hi daddy. On a train!"

As they pass, I run to another train passing.

Hey again!