Jan, 2012 - a compendium of Teté's daily updates

(All captions courtesy of Teté)

at the playroom

she loves this place!!

at the mall!!

she was so cute singing after lunch. Guccy and Francis didn't join us, but we had fun together.

still learning!!!

hot soup for lunch!!

Ella's doing well, she didn't have a good lunch cause she was coughing but she was fine the rest of the day, dancing, coloring and playing!

in the playroom!!!
sorry it's kind of dark, but I liked her smile!

getting better!!!

just beautiful today!!!

"I'm ready to eat, tete"
she feed baby Stella

and the set the table to feed herself, it was so cute when she told me "I'm ready to eat"

she decided to draw as me!!!

art time upstairs!!

with other gubbi at the mall

I think she had fun and also got a cow. enjoying the sunny day!!

we had a good early walk, she made a friend at the playground, I think she had a good time..

pretty with that hat!!