Dec 31b, 2011 - Juani's gift

We found our next au pair. Her name is Juana (but she goes by Juani - pronounced HWAH'-nee).
She is from Cañar, Ecuador, a town of 58k people about 240 miles (or 5 hours) south from Quito down the
Pan-American Highway, which connects Laredo, Texas with Buenos Aires and beyond.
You'll learn more about Juani over time. This page isn't about introducing you to her. It is more of a 'thank you' to her.
Tenemos nuestra proxima 'au pair.' Se llama Juana ('Juani' para amigos). Es de Cañar, Ecuador, un ciudad de 58k personas circa 360 kilometers sud de Quito.

You see... After we matched (and a week before she officially got her au pair Visa), Juani sent Ella a postcard and a Christmas present.
Después de haber encontrado Juani (y antes ella tenia su Visa), Juani envió a Ella un postal y un regalo de Navidad.

It was sent before Christmas and arrived while we were in San Antonio. So, by now, Ella is getting really good at delicately opening presents.

She loves opening them. Unlike last year, she really understands that there is something inside for her.
Ella encanta abrir sus regarlos.

It's an adorable hat! ...but there is something inside it.
Es un sombrero guapo... pero... hay algo mas adentro.

A doll!
Ella immediately hugs it.
Una muñeca!
Ella lo abraza.

She holds it like a baby, even though the doll is holding its own baby.
Ella lo tiene como un bebé.

I want to pose for a picture, but Ella wants to play with the doll.
Quiro ona foto, pero Ella quiere jugar con la muñeca.

I put the hat on Ella. She doesn't like it at first.
Yo puso el sombrero en Ella. No le gusta.

Now she likes it.
Ahora la quiere.

She's done wearing the hat. She wants to play with the doll.
Quiere jugar con la muñeca otra ves.

Ella finds that she can put the hat on the baby llama.
Apprenda que puede pusar su sombrero en la cria.

Nicely done.
Muy bien.

Back to playing with the doll.
Jugando con la muñeca otra ves.

Ella runs off to the next room with the doll.

Baby llama and I stay in the sunroom for another picture.

Muchimas gracias, Juani, por el regalo! Fue muy dolce!