Dec 28-30, 2011 - San Antonio

Lunch was at a huge Mexican restaurant in Market Square, Mi Tierra.

It was really good.

And, after a 60-minute estimate and a 10-minute wait, we all got to eat together.

At the end of the meal, we chatted with the waitress, who is from rural Mexico.

That night was all about the River Walk, starting with a boat ride.

This is the first year that San Antonio lit up the walk with Christmas lights.
There are 1/2 million LED lights, which they're leaving up year-round and will turn on for holidays.

Happy little sailors.

This building looks flat - like it is going to fall over.

More lights whizzing by.

Checking out the lights.

A neat mural, it depicts the combinations of civilizations, culminating at the naked people in the middle.

Enjoying the ride.

Low bridge!

The next day, we head to the Witte Museum, one of the McMahon brood's favorite spots in San Antonio.

Carmala and Ella share an elephant.
(No pictures inside, unfortunately, but it was fun!)

On the last day, we have a group shot at the hotel.

We walk over to see San Fernando Cathedral.

The munchkins get a picture in front of it and that strange tree.

After the Alamo, the remains of most of the fallen were brought here.

It is a good looking cathedral - modern and western, but with the traditional gold altar of Latin America.

A parting glance at the River Walk,

then we bid farewell to Texas, where despite what people who do not research will tell you, you do not have to fly the flag even with the US - and there are no special laws whatsoever to that effect - many Texans are just that fanatical. I understand why to a degree. Texas is a cool place with a lot of history and culture. It was a great place for a Christmas vacation. Another great trip!