Dec 28, 2011 - San Antonio

The first stop of the day is San Antonio's Hemisfair Park, developed for a half-world's fair concept years ago.

The light changes and the slow parade of young and young-at-heart start across the major intersection.

In the park is an awesome playground/fort.

Carmala teaches her Uncle Paul how to slide (which he gleefully does).

Megan and Quinn tear off all around,

over, and through the fort.

Ella is a little more timid, but her big cousin keeps a watchful eye on her.

Paul follows Carmala where he probably shouldn't.

I think he's just glad he made it.

It is a fantastic fort, perfect for an hour or so of entertainment.

Swing time!

Everyone swings.

By request, Uncle Wayne pushes Ella.

Eulalia gives Daniel his turn.

On the way out is a statue of a bear.

We had to get a picture on it.

As we leave the park for the bus stop (an adventure in itself), we pass a hotel whose rooms have a loo with a view.
(Yes, those are toilets on the balcony.)

At the bus stop to take a street car to Market Square.

Everyone enjoys the ride, but is anxious to get to lunch.