Dec 27, 2011 - San Antonio

In the basement of the Children's Museum is farm-to-table section (that is pretty much just a 'work)ng cow').

Grandmama shows Ella how to do it, then she goes to town on the bovine.

There is also a kid-sized HEB grocery store.

Ella enjoys checking out.

Everyone does. It is loads of fun.

After we hit every square inch of the Children's Museum, we walk across the street to the Buckhorn Saloon, where they have lots of taxidermy on display.

How do you stuff a giraffe?


The walk back to the hotel for nap time.

After naps, we head to the Alamo.
(There is simply no getting everyone facing into the sun...)

Ella points out the fish to Teté.

In front of myriad cactii.

We head to dinner. For a group this big, there is a wait. Lucikly, the scenery is cool.

Dinner is at the Rainforest Café, which the little ones loved.

Ella shows Teté a butterfly.

Not sure why she wants to hug the tiger. Apparently, I need to instill a deeper appreciation and understanding of certain animals.

It is a really cool restaurant.

They squeezed us in between some large trees and some gorillas.

Dessert... A pair of chocolate volcanoes.
(Notice the elephant behind/between the server and Megan.)

I hope everyone enjoyed the Rainforest Café. I know we did!

Teté and Jill stroll along the River Walk back to the hotel.

Teté stops for a photo.

What a great evening.