Dec 26-30, 2011 - San Antonio - mom's pics

Mom and her grandkids go out to check out the River Walk after we all arrive in San Antonio.

The first morning, we all head to the Children's Museum.

Megan, Sean, and Quinn play with a big light board.

Ella likes mopping. Not sure why...

All mom's grandkids play...with... stuffed fish, I guess.

Mom and Aunt Caroline get creative to spell all the kids' names.

Downstairs in the supermarket, Ella goes for the Spanish package of orange juice.

Swinging at Hemisfair Park.

Uncle Wayne shows Ella and Kelsey how to do a split from a standing-start.
I won't be showing the next picture...

When some of head out to dinner, the grandkids hang back at the hotel for pizza.

Ella tears into it.

She's a mess, but she's eating.

She loves it!

Now time for popcorn.

She doesn't get to eat like this at home...

(Thanks for the pics, mom!)