Dec 26-27a, 2011 - San Antonio

Like every other trip, this one starts out at Park N Fly.
Ella insists on sitting in this very seat, next to Teté (if she's flying with us) and buckling her seat belt.

We get to the SkyClub to find everyone has beaten us there.
Ella hugs the newest family member, "baby Daniel."

Pretty soon, Teté gets her hands on him.

That night is pretty low-key.
The first morning in San Antonio, we head to the Children's Museum.
Ella is really close to Kelsey, preferring to hold Kelsey's hand as we walk down the street.

Inside the museum, the fun starts right away with a trolley.

Ella drives.

At the water station, you can make a bubble around yourself.

You can also play with hydrodynamics as you construct a course for boats and other floatables on a water table.

In the construction room, I get destracted with building a lego car

and trying to race it down the hill in record time.

Ella plays on the pin-board with someone... but who is it?

Oh - it is Paul!

Ella and Carmala play with big legos.

The whole gang gets together to run a General Store.

The music room is full of, well, sound. I won't call that music.

Ella runs to the area where she can stand on things - not particularly exciting things, but things nonetheless.
CAT has an exhibit where kids can drive a front-end loader, scoop up rocks, and dump them in a bin.
Quinn drives it as Bridget and Megan ride along.

Ella's ready for her turn!

Ella and Kelsey love spending time with each other.

Quinn cleans up.

The whole crew pretty much fills up any room we enter.

Ella loves the playhouse - especially that it has an upstairs.

Jill and Kelsey hang out before we go to the basement.