Dec 25, 2011 - Christmas, part 2

Christmas night, we head to Reunion for the annual Cofer gathering. Ashley and Ella have a blonde bond.

Hannah and Ava hang out.

All the girls pose - Ella, Jennifer, Molly, Ashley, Hannah, and Ava.
Meanwhile, Gavin hangs in the background and goes to town on the presents.

All the kidlings!

Tommy and Ashley share a moment by the tree.

The li'lest girls play.


Present time,

Amy and Carey oogle over Alexander.

Tommy gets Colon Cleaner (a hot barbueque sauce, I think).

Ella opens a gorgeous sweater.

At the moment, she's more into the bows.
...but where to put them.

Uh, I don't think that's where they go.

Amy isn't helping correct the situation.

OK, a kiss makes it all better. Good girl.

Kisses, all around!

Ella rides off on one of the little twins' tricycles.

Yup. Bedtime for everyone. What a Christmas!