Dec 25, 2011 - Christmas, part 1

Ella and Jill come down the stairs. Ella is already focused on the presents.

Still focused.

Go get 'em!

She's so slow at first, cautious, not sure what to do or what to hit first.

She sits by the puzzles, then eyes the train.

The train wins...

First thing played-with - and it is to take the trains down the spiral incline.

Then off to play legos (as Francis learns the state capitals).

Off to the tunnels.

After a great breakfast, we head upstairs.

Up to the bonus room. This should be the first time in Ella's memory that she's been up here.

Screw the toys. Ella first finds Jill's excersize ball.

Then it is into the tents and Dora house to play with Francis and Tet#233;.

Jill and I get jealous and want to play, too.

She likes the house (and the room).

Great Christmas!