Dec 24b, 2011 - Christmas Eve, part 2

Next, Ella opened a Frosty the Snowman book that she loves.
Lolly and Pop recorded themselves reading it - and the book plays that back as she turns each page.

Next is a magnetic chalkbard/whiteboard.

Then is a doll with magnetic clothes.

Finally, Ella gets tennis balls and...

"Screw these balls. What is that?"

Ella doesn't know what it is, but she likes it.

Teté opens her gifts, which included a snowglobe

and a cute hat.

Lolly & Pop open their presents.

Lolly, Pop, & Ella look at a picture of Lolly, Pop, & Ella at the UGA Chapel.

Mom gets of picture of her and Ella.

Finally, dinner time.

All dressed-up.

Blowing out the grendelflocken candles before going to bed.

After Ella goes to bed, Santa stopped by to drop off some toys.

Wow, what a spread.
Tomorrow is going to be fun!