Dec 24a, 2011 - Christmas Eve, part 1

Mom, Lolly, Pop, and Francis came over to join me, Jill, Teté and Ella for Christmas Eve.

Ella wasn't a big fan of some of the appetizers.

We open presents before dinner so Ella has more time to play before going to bed.
There are lots of gifts.

La tres latinas.

OK, Ella. Go for it.

Els decides she needs help, so enlists a different person to help with each gift.
Pop is first.

He helps Ella open a Disney cd player.
(Well, it isn't a CD player exactly, but it has discs and plays music, so she doesn't know the difference.

Francis helps with a guitar.

Grandmama helps with, well, I'm not sure what this ended up being.

Back to Francis.

Ella does this one solo,

then hangs out to play with it for a moment.

She has no idea, but already knows to politely say "Oh, wow!"

Ooo... a blender, toaster, and coffee maker for her kitchen.

Cookie monster slippers!

Something big...

Daddy gets to help open a xylophone that talks in English and Spanish.

This one is heavy!

Teté helps. It is a Dora tent, but Ella doesn't understand why or what it does.
It'll make more sense tomorrow.
For now, there are a few more gifts, then dinner, then sleep so Santa can come.