Dec 9, 2011 - Santa at Mall of Georgia

After a big breakfast, we head into the Mall of Georgia - Lolly, Pop, Ella, Adriana #2 (Teté's friend, visiting from Mexico by way of Vancouver), Teté, Jill, and me.

Lolly & Pop with Ella at the Christmas display.

Our turn.

All of us.

Adriana, Els, and teté.

Ella sees Santa for the first time (this year).

She's a bit shy, but Santa bribes Ella with candy canes.

Ella likes Santa's stuffed moose.

Now they're buds.

There's a bit of a smile.

Oh - hugs!

Ella gives Santa 'five.'

A successful visit!

On to the toy shop next door...

She loves the big giraffe!

'Do you like one of these dolls?'
(The answer was a resounding 'no.')

Ella played with the tanks and farm equipment instead.
You can take the girl out of Forsyth County...

A few minutes at the play area before heading home.

Great morning!