Dec 3, 2011 - White Elephant Party

Jill makes an early steal.

Rebecca gets a robot dog (as Julia#1 laughs).

Julia#2 gets a metal motorcycle piece of art.

Dames, with the super lounge wear.

Brooke gets a combo kit, the main part of which is a book of velvet paintings, featuring

"God Bless Our Truckers" (itself a fabled white elephant gift from a decade ago).

J steals his own gift. (No rules against that. Fair move.)

Kenny opens something. I can't remember what it was, but Dames, Rich, and Katherine are amused.
Jason is hysterical.

Take your time, honey; you're choosing for two.

Kyle gets a vase that Brooke just brought back from her work-trip to Pakistan.

Brooke steals Dames' robe,

then snuggles up to her hubby as Rich plays voyeur.

Teté gets a Georgia cap.

Abigail steals from Holly.

Kevin steals from Teté.

Abs explains herself as Rich takes a drink.

A little more stealing (which is light this year as most people are generally satisfied with their gifts).

Looking back at the pictures the next morning, I realize that my #11 draw got me a baby.

Rich steals the baby and Kevin gets some wooden blocks.
That's about it - and we degrade into wine and N64 Mario Kart.

The next morning, before what turned into a breakfast double-date debacle, we sit for about an hour playing with Kevin's present, the included pamphlet for which informs us that most doctors agree that the best way to stimulate ones mind is through weekly challenges by wooden puzzles (or some such credible factoid).

Another big success. Looking forward to next year's!