Dec 3, 2011 - White Elephant Party

We're lucky enough to host the annual white elephant party for our friends.

Rich and Katherine bring little Eliza Grace along with them.

She quickly gets passed around.

Teté brings some friends - Kenny (Colombia), Francis (Ecuador), Adriana (Mexico), Pam (South Africa), Teté (Mexico) Larry (hey, how did you get in there?), Julia#2 (Sweden), and Rebecca (Germany).

We should consider renaming the party "wine elephant."
Kevin carves into a double magnum, which clearly requires concentration,

something which Larry totally respects.

Dames celebrates Kevin's minor victory of getting through the wax,

before going to town on the cork.

It is a two-person job, but the large cork is out.

Time to partake (or continue partaking, as we've put down a few by this point).
Beth, Brooke, and Holly relax on the couch.

The au pairs (and Kenny) are having their own party - just next to ours.

Brooke and Damien coach Kevin on the proper way of pouring a large format wine.

Jill and Abigail could care less. They figure there will be something to drink (and they look great, too!).

Kevin and I decide to play horns.

We have trouble getting in sync, but forgive Kevin, he hasn't ever played the euphonium (since last year, when he had never played the euphonium).

Polising off the '77.

Ladies and gentlemen, take your places.

Jason and Abigail, don your evil, black-cotton elf hats.

Places, everyone.

It is on. Kenny gets a strong early gift.

Adriana gets another llama-themed gift.
We should probably clue them into a bit of our history, but it may be more fun to let them wonder.