December, 2011 - Misc. pics

(pics from phones and stuff that didn't fit on its own page)

Teté and Ella met me and some coworkers at Slope's for a BBQ lunch.

Adriana#2 (Teté's friend from Lazaro) and Teté give Ella a big kiss at breakfast before we go see Santa at Mall of Georgia.

They're all buds.

Leading up to Christmas, we move the elf all over. Oddly, he may never have been on a shelf.

Els lounges in the Liberty playground slide.

Pushing her car.


We check out the new Academy Sports, where Ella falls in love with an electric car.

She really digs the camo one,

even more than the pink one. Good girl.

Eating sushi with her hands.

A tradition that is going to die next year - hosting caroling kids from the nearby daycare. John Hunt plays Santa and passes out candy and random Radiant-branded collateral that is leftover from tradeshows - and for which we don't have enough to give out en masse.
We have been informed that the tree will not make the transition to NCR.

Els puts on a show for me and Jill with her cat piano.

Dancing with my girl.




Jill cooks with Ella, helping to prepare a coconut pie for Christmas Eve.
First you poke holes in the crust.

Then you carefully measure

and pour in the flour.