Nov 27, 2011 - Karen leaves, we go to the zoo

It is the last morning in Atlanta for Karen, Teté's sister.
She goes home to Lazaro Cardenes today.
She spends a little more time with Ella (and us) before she goes.

Las tres hermanas.


A parting gift - Karen gives Ella an ornament with her name on it.

Ella likes it - and Karen.

I didn't know this, but Karen really likes the French nook off the kitchen.

She wanted a couple of parting shots from there.
Bye Karen! We enjoyed meeting you!

After Karen leaves, we head to the zoo to ride the train.

It has a series of tunnels and passes by a few animals.

Ella was very excited.

Then - the carousel!
Oops - this elephant doesn't move.

This one does!

Ah - the giraffe.

Waving at the train.

Relaxing 'roos.

Els spots the picture board and has to pose behing it.

So cute.

Ooo... clouded leopard.

He's active today.

On the way out, Ella gets to touch a rabbit.
So soft - another good day at Grant Park.