Nov 25-26, 2011 - Pink Pig, Varsity w/ Carmala

(All captions courtesy of grandmama)

Ella thinks it is fun to swing her head from side to side and make her hair fly.

Ella spent Friday night before the UGA - Tech game with us. She and Carmala woke up early, so I brought them into my room and let them "sleep" in my bed.

After others starting waking up, we went downstairs to make muffins. The girls wanted to see what I was doing.

Waiting makes them thirsty.

C & E make themselves comfortable in the kitchen.

Ella likes baby Daniel.

After breakfast we went to ride The Pink Pig.

Such blue eyes!

Carmala is excited

Daniel is not.

Posing surrounded by all things pink.

What else would you eat on UGA-Tech game day?

Ella loves her hotdog from the first bite...

To the last.

The girls each had a cup of Pirate's Booty for snack time.

They played together so well.