Nov 24, 2011 - Thanksgiving at the Nall's

The second phase Thanksgiving is at Jimmy and Donna's.

Nan holds the newest addition to Stacey and Adam's household.

Hannah holds Gavin as he gnaws on a turkey leg.

Southern belles.

The girls draw.
(Ella's currently still the smallest girl in the family.)

It is dinner time and Hayden steals the leg from Gavin.

Did someone say 'dinner time?'
Teté and Karen hang back for a while to watch the carnage (and to not lose a finger in the fray),

The childrens' table (with Nana).

but they eventually dive in.

Filling our plates...

Bill, Amy, Hannah, Ashley, and Tommy relax after the big meal.

The kids are wound-up.
Ava plays with some rubbery toy.

The muchachas are still taking it all in.

Els loves babies.

She's okay with Hannah holding her, just as long as Ella can play with the golf ball.

Now they're definately buds... Hannah takes Molly and Ella to the hot tub.

So, with kids in the tub, much of the party moves outdoors.

Warming up and drying off over the fire pit.
Sounds like a good idea to me.

Keeping warm with Teté.

Both enjoy the fire.

Buster is out (and appears possessed)!

Molly teaches Ella to dance.

All tuckered-out.
Long day. Full day. Great day!