Nov 19, 2011 - Georgia-Kentucky

It is early, but Ella is dressed and ready to go to "Jor-Jah!"

After the drive, the first stop is the East Campus Dining Hall.

We fill up at the huge buffet. (Mom is behind Teté. The new person is Julia, Teté's friend.)

Edna worked the register at O-House when we lived on campus through the spring of 1997. Fifteen school years later, she's at East Campus. Awesome.
I had to get my picture taken with her.

The girls get their picture with an inflatable Hairy Dawg.

Els has her shakers. She's ready for the game. We are not quite yet, though...

Ah, here we go.

A little quick stir and we're in business.

Our wandering tailgate meanders past the Coliseum, down Sanford Drive across campus by Sewell and the Myers Quad,

then to the bridge.

Els loves holding hands (sometimes).

The girls with Russ, Uga's temporary replacement.

OK, this was amusing.
They were also just clapping and singing. No megaphones. Very mature. Good job.

As we walk up past Park Hall to north campus, Ella surveys the campus below.

Up by the arch, less respectable (and understandable) people demonstrate - what exactly they demonstrate as part of 'Occupy Athens,' I have no idea.

At the Arch.

Lolly and Pop pose with Ella at the foot of the Chapel.

Various degrees of manual zooming.

The new statue of Abraham Baldwin, the first president of the University back in 1785.

Finally - in the stadium for pregame.

The Dawgs are ready.

We're ready. Let's do this.

Opening kickoff goes well.

No pics of the game to speak of, but afterwards, the team celebrates with the students.

I love my Georgia girls!

Can you believe it?

Lolly gets some Ella-lovin.

Great game day!!