November 13, 2011 - Botanical Garden with Brooke & Kevin

We meet Kevin and Brooke for breakfast, then for the Gardens.
It is late fall, but the trees are still pretty.

I'm guessing this is Brooke, giving the least confidendial 'confession' ever.

Obligatory frog pic.

Always stopping and smelling.

Precious little thing.

My rump doesn't quite fit on that.

They have the trains out.

The display is very detailed.
"Reindeer games" include soccer and tennis in what must be fields of four-foot grass.

A train comes out of the tunnel near a town that overlooks bears slipping on ice.
It is hard to see it, but the Grinch is hanging out to the upper-left of the tunnel.

Ella admires the Toosie Roll car.

I love the trestle bridge.

Some parts are a bit off-scale, like this house, where the cat is more like a mountain lion, much larger than the baby and the yorkie.

Kevin immitates the bumpkin on one of the porches, who has an unusual relaxation pose.

Moving on, we put Els in a hedge-pen for a while.
She's okay with it.

Brooke and Ella admire the fountain.

Chasing Ella in circles.

Ooo. BIG train!
We have to do this!


The train goes all the way around the lawn.


The Atlanta skylinne looks over the Gardens.

A new addition to the Conservatory - an alligator snapping turtle.

Kevin - in all his regal glory.

The girls find a cute place to pose.

It took a bit, but Ella finally warmed up to Brooke.
I think it helps that Brooke speaks Ella's language. It adds a certain credibility.


A vanilla flower.

This is not the place to pose for a picture in 'The Shining.'

Another fun day at the Garden.
Good trip!