November 5, 2011 - At Sea

Els woke up early today - so early that about 30 minutes after she woke up and we left the room to wander the ship, the sun finally rose.

We go out on deck, where Ella looks tired again.

I think the issue is just the bright light and the wind blowing her hair in her eyes.

Back in the room, we play on the bed.

Big blues looking out the window.

Let's see if I can hold her up and show off her hanging curls.

Five days of humidty add up...

This helps - holding her up with my feet so I get both hands on the camera.

Hanging out in the window.

Watching the boat cut gashes in the waves.

Ella had so much fun the first day, we decided to give her another 30 minutes in the kids' area.

She loves it.

They gave her Kanye glasses to play with.

Hola, ojos azules!

The last night at dinner...

The girls look so pretty.

It looks like dinner is done. It must be time for 2-3 desserts (each).

As Dora entertains Ella, Teté participates in the towel spinning musical extravaganza.

It even pries Ella away from the iPad.

Back at the room, Ella watches a few minutes of Alabama-LSU with a towel-bunny before bed.

Good trip!