November 4, 2011 - Grand Cayman

After a couple of hours, we get out of the water - and Ella gets out of her suit.

"Why am I so interesting?"


Worn out.

Done with the excursion, we hit the town.

Mom, Ella, and Teté head back to the boat for lunch and nap(s).
Jill and I hit a restaurant with a view.
The soup was the most interesting course... Jill has a bisque of Caribbean lobster. I have sea turtle stew.
(Before you get too mad, it is from a local sea turtle farm.m OK. Now, get mad.)

Folks are snorkeling in the water by the restaurant.

I stick my camera in the water to see some sargeant-majors...

and tarpon.

Jill and I go back to the boat, grab a bottle of wine, and head to the Serenity deck to watch the Caymans sail away.

Before that, we watch the last-minute folks get tendered back.

That's our lunch spot (in the center of the frame).

Fun shot of the boat.

Where Jamaica was hilly and jungley, Grand Cayman is flat and fairly arid.

Relaxing as we sail away.

After a bottle of wine, the boar is looking particularly fun.

Neat screen, but that's not what I'm talking about...


Long slide.

We get back to the room and find Ella, done with her crib-nap, has taken over Teté's bed and is chatting it up with grandma.

Grand Cayman, we like you.