November 4, 2011 - Grand Cayman

Our boat awaits,

as does the really blue water.

This is what we're doing - swimming (or standing) with stingrays.

They're a bit intimidating for a while.

It looks like people are scared.
If you look at the upper-right, you can see everyone is focused on a stingray that someone is holding.

Are those knee fronts or knee backs?
(I can't use the feet to tell because, well, I don't know what is going on there.)

They're quite beautiful when you see them glide by.

They're just scary when they're heading your way - or are out of the water and flapping.

My way of making friends.

Ella is enjoying the water with her grandma.

Teté makes friends with a male stingray.
(They're the smaller ones.)

Els gets brave and pets it.

Sorry, but that boat is awesome. They lower the back into the water where it forms stairs that extend to the ocean floor.

Jill's loving it.

So are the girls.


Big ray.

Mom wants to kiss a ray.
She's apparently only going to do this once.

Getting up courage.


Jill and Ella bob in the warm Caribbean.

Rays are everywhere.

I never get used to them flying by. So beautiful.

Still a bit scary, though.

Holding Ella.

Jill's feet.

We're pretty far from the boat - probably 100'.