November 3, 2011 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

We're in Jamaica!

What else to do than get onto another boat.

The island is very tropical.

Blue water, lots of trees - typical Caribbean.

Crossing legs like mommy.

Taking it all in...

After a short ride on this catamaran, we're at the mouth of Dunn's River.

This is why...

Dry hair, absence of exhaustion... we must be just getting started.

Looking back down at the beach.

The girls relax for a moment and enjoy the cool water.

Okay. Here we go.

That's a big step.

Happy to be climbing.

Oh - that was a deep spot.

Stupid water drop ruined this shot of yoinking Jill into the waterfall.

Jill prepares for her dunking (one of many).

The girls pose in front of the next big stretch of falls.

Getting a massage.

A bit rougher.


Playing and concentrating.

Still playing.

"Give me your other hand!" "Just take it!"


Celebrating with a kiss.

Chillin' at the top.