November 1-2, 2011 - Jamaica, Cayman cruise: days 1-2

Ella's Halloween costume was too cute, so we had to let her wear it to the airport, where our trip always starts on the Park N Fly bus.
Ella insists on sitting next to Teté and buckling up.

Numerous flight attendants also found Ella cute, a few of whom paused to get their picture taken with her.

On the boat, Ella picks up the phone, trying to order room service.

As the boat departs, we get a nice view of Miami's South Beach.

At dinner, Ella loves on her Teté.

After dinner, it is my turn!

Teté joins me for a samba lesson.

It is short, but fun.

The next day is at sea.
We explore the ship, part of which is posing on the casino's camel statue.

To get her playing with other children, we let Ella go to the children's area for about 30 minutes.

She apparently has a great time.

She only cries when we come back for her, presumably because she knows she has to leave.
That made us feel good, so we gave her 30 minutes there again on the last day.