November 2011 - A compendium of Teté's daily updates

(All captions courtesy of Teté)


she's being such a great girl today

we took an early walk in the morning, some trees are still beautiful ..

at north point!!!

getting ready to go work to the airport!!

dancing "Mr saxo beat"

I tried to record her dance but she saw me and stopped, she wanted to read haha, she was cute.

today at the library!!
they didn't have storytime but she had fun with the computer instead!!

she was so excited of all the Christmas decorations, when she saw this tree, she just told me "foto" LOL it was so cute!!

playing with the ball!!

enjoying the last days of the fall!!!

una leaf.

she got such a busy day!

cooking, cleaning...uffff what a day!

"una foto, aqui"

she choose where she wants pictures!!

she's being great today!