October 31, 2011 - Halloween at Reunion

The trip to Amy's takes us over Buford Dam.
What colors...

The McGuire house is always immaculate.

Ella's all dolled-up for Halloween.

Teté's ready for her first US Halloween, too.

Ella's got her flight attendant cart.

Molly is dressed up (as
Elvira, of course).
How creative. Amy came up with Ella's outfit again this year, too!

Els is ready to go!

I get dressed up, but Ella is not happy.

Ella pushes her drink cart to the first house.

A good southern belle, Ella stops trick-or-treating and picks up a football she sees on the ground (and won't let it go).

Ammy escorts her to a front doorstep for candy.

"Put the candy in the cart. Good girl."

Ella doesn't really know what is going on, but she quickly learns if she goes up to the door, they give her things.

Lots of older kids have figured this out, too.

Ella is really starting to like it, though we feel we have to help her up the houses with lots of steps.

After a while, Ella takes off, leaving daddy to push the cart.

At some point, she forgets the candy and starts meeting people (and dogs).

Els loves walking loudly in the leaves.

Candy, fire, costumes - this is a great day!

Amy and Teté are having as much fun as Ella, if not more.

Wondering what to do with all this stuff, since her parents don't ever let her eat it.

Pop takes her to a door.

Such a loving little girl!

Big kiss. The forehead is a strange spot, but Teté doesn't compain.

Back at the McGuire's, we chat a while to wind down the evening.
Halloween at Reunion is such a cherished tradition.
(Thanks, Amy and Bill!!)