October 30pm, 2011 - Oakland with Evan

I'm so excited about this. I've been wanting to do it for years - the "Spirit of Oakland" tour at Halloween.

A little light reading for you.

Outside the cemetery, Ella and I walk through a small wildflower meadow as we wait for the first tour of the day to start.

Some carvings are more unusual than others.

Martha of Marthasville fame.

Scenic. I didn't notice it was 'Jones' until I was taking the picture.

Teté and Evan catch up as we meander to the belltower to start the tour.


Ella doesn't really get where she is.
She's just happy to be outside in the awesome autumn air.

Almost makes you want to be buried.

I liked the flowering rosemary surrounding the tombstone.

The first stop on the tour is a French ex-pat who was pardoned from his guillotine sentance and got out of 'Le Dodge' and moved to America.
He had a fascinating tale of founding what was to become Emory and inspiring the character of Dr. Mead in Gone with the Wind.

The next spirit was a former deputy sheriff that lost a dual with the previous and soon-to-be-again dep. sher. in Marietta Street (so I picture being in front of the CNN Center somewhere).

Els and Teté pose in front of the Confederate section.

In the Jewish section, a philanthopist who was a target of slander by the KKK tells her tale.
Part of her vindication was, after resigning her Georgia post, gaining an presidential appointment to a D.C.-based government agency.

Part of the Jewish Travellers.
Amusing tale, but he was the weak link in the whole production. Everyone else was exceedingly professional.

More graveyard photos.

The carver of the Lucerne-inspired "Lion of Atlanta" was 'on loan' from the Downtown Canton Cemerery.

This was one of our favorite stops.

Even the walking was awesome.

This lady built the first house in the up and coming area called "Druid Hills."

The guides are all in period garb. It made for a great show.

Ella's still happy to be outside.

These dead folks have a great view.

Who's buried in Grant's tomb?
Tonight it is a a fortune teller.

They do such a great job with the flora!

Just beautiful.

On the way out, we pass by a bluegrass quartet. Fun!