October 30am, 2011 - Sawnee Mountain

The now-weekly drive north to Sawnee Mountain is even prettier than last week.

Check out these trees!
(This picture if for you, Gaby.)

Sawnee, a famed, local indian.

He stands proudly under the oaks and maples.

We get to the park and find a carving that represents the wingspan of a blue heron, osprey, hawk, crow, blue jay, chicadee, and hummingbird.
Ella is between a crow and a hawk.

We build a little house (much littler than the one in the background).

Once we finally get to it, Ella runs on the trail.

The hills are slower-going.

After a while, Ella runs out of steam and walks sweetly with her mommy.

This trail has a tree house.

After a little while of playing, Ella is ready to run some more.

Sittin' on some logs.

We love the fall!

The drive home is past more beautiful, autumn hills.