October 29, 2011 - Halloween at Liberty

It is gameday (Georgia-Floriday) and Ella didn't want to wear what we picked out. It wasn't "Georgia" enough for her because it didn't have the 'G.' So, she wanted to wear this. Thus, we called her 'our little boy' all day.'

She is still cute, though...

She had fun throwing the football.

The hat really makes the 'boy' outfit.

Why she wanted to crawl, I'm not sure.

We pack up some roadies and head up to the neighborhood clubouse.

Tonight is when the festivities are.

The clubhouse is decorated.

I'm not sure if it is supposed to be haunted, but it is done-up nicely.

There's a hayride through the streets.

Ella's not sure what to make of it all

But she makes a friend

and has a cookie, so she's generlly okay with it.