October 23b, 2011 - Scarecrows in the Garden

Great pic!

Our favorite: "Venus Flytrap."

Ella's favorite - a hippo.

Since this is what I was for Halloween this year, I had to take a picture.

Entry: "If Your Accountant Only Had a Brain," by Smith and Howard.
"Accounting in the Garden of Debits and Credits."
"Does the Tim Man count as a dependent?"
"Genius by birth. Accountant by choice."
"Give us a call to say hay."
"Favorite band - Accounting Crows."
"When in doubt, deduct."
"A group of crows is called a murder... So is a group of IRS agents."
"I've got friends in crow places."
"Accountants do it between the balance sheets."

A Twitter-themed scarecrow.

I like this one...