October 23a, 2011 - Atlanta Botanical Garden with Bridget

While Bridget was in town, we went to the Garden.
They had a lot of scarecrows out. (See the next page. These are the other pics.)

The weather was great.

The leaves were starting to turn.

It is just crisp enouhg to get to wear a couple of layers.

Inside the Conservatory, it is warm.
The girls shed a layer and pose.

A vanilla pod hangs from the ceiling.

Not sure. It looks alien.

Ella checks out a turtle.

She LOVES smelling the flowers.

She meanders through the trails...

The arial roots of exotic plants dangle 50 feet.

Ella plays on a banana plant.

So cute!


Where's Ella?

There she is - with Teté's friend, Julia!

Aunt Bridget helps Ella with an art project.

We stop by the edible garden, where we find the pomegranates fruting.
(We checked at home, but ours still are not.)

After the Garden, it is off to Fat Matt's Rib Shack. So good!
Heckuva morning...