October 16, 2011 - the Zoo

We start at the zoo where Kelly (not Tara) does some yoga.

Ella isn't concerned when a particularly evil-looking bird casts her a sideways glance.

Ella wants to see the giraffes, so that's where Carey takes her (though I think Ella may have led the way).

A baby hangs out near a big bull.


Nice kisser, big fella.

She thinks the leaves are better on his side.

We really like this habitat.

A big ole antelope. I forgot what kind.

Ella hangs out on the gorilla statue.

She gives him a big hug!

She gives him a kiss, too.

In the aviary, we meet some funky pheasant.

We always have to take this shot.

Ella loves the lemurs, having finally recently learned the difference between them and monkeys.

A golden pheasant, a zlaty beznant in Slovak, which makes for a tasty, cheap beer (unless you're about to take a long bus ride and you have the bladder of a VanFosson).

Not sure, but this one doesn't conjur up pictures of a relative bolting from a bus to 'write' the ECU fight song in the snow.


Ella, loving another gorilla statue!

Giving her best horny jack russel impression?

Carey, Ella, and I check out a real gorilla.

Muffin top.

Ella is brave and heads into the mole rat exhibit.

She continues through the rat tunnel.

Finally, we see the naked mole rats.

A sun bear enjoys the autumn weather.

A mama tiger is on the prowl.

A panda is outside again!

Another great day at the zoo.