October 9, 2011 - Pride

My birthday starts with picking up Moe, then going to a new breakfast place in Midtown.

We finish up a bit early and, having shared a couple of bottles of cava, we go for a stroll up 10th and down Peachtree.

We meet some nice people and nice dogs.
Ella is getting so brave around dogs.
(I know these are little, but she's also met and petted labs, spaniels, and even a great dane, though not necessarily all on this day.)

One church on Peachtree is especially welcoming and hospitable on this most tolerant of days.
Teté and Adriana go inside to check it out - and come out with balloons.

We keep walking...

Ella loves this balloon!

Hey, it is a day of tolerance. If these two guys can get along...

Back to base camp to setup and wait for the parade.

This group wanders past. I snap a quick photo as others do.

I was taking a picture of Ella and got distracted.
Lovely... eyes.

Ella's ready for it to start...

OK - the parade finally starts with the customary... ahem... ladies on bikes.

Then comes what I can only assume is the color guard.

The sponsorship cracks me up.

John Lewis is Grand Marshall (as are about four other people I didn't recognize).

This kinda stuff, while not especially entertaining, is what I'm most proud to get behind (in terms of support) - police officers suiting up and showing their pride (not their shenanigans, though that is fun, too).

There are no captions...
(If there were, it would be to suggest putting the cellphone INSIDE the fanny pack, if she must wear it, and to put some of the 'angel wing' fund into investing in a bra.)

Unfortunately, this was before I got a message to Teté to run into the street and pose for a picture. I bet she would have with one of these guys.

Meanwhile, Adriana has no problem getting into the street, despite the random and occassional "step back to the curb!" guy.

For some crazy reason, Ella wasn't scared.
I have to say that I was just a little bit.

The girls are still having a good time.

Ella is so into it. She points out upcoming floats she likes.

Els gets a lei from a sponsor...

Adriana and Teté caught some scarves.

Ella enjoys the added perspective, afforded by a gain in altitude.
I enjoy the spectacle (and a Blue Moon).

NO!. I say "Blue." Blue Moon. Leave the...shorts(?) where they are!
Pick it, but don't flash it!

This party seems to be going downhill and picking up steam.
This is one of many Latin floats (from Latin groups/bars/clubs/restaurants) - and one of many playing "S & M" by Rihanna.

If you can't beat 'em, teach your baby to give them a $1 bill.

These people got their dates wrong.

This was neat - some Philippine band.

The Mellow Mushroom!

The girls are still having a good time.

When the parade is over, throngs of thongs head to the park.
We, on the other hand, head home.

We have a quick Mongolian barbeque lunch.

After a nap, we hit the greenway for a bike ride.

When we're finally home for the night, we play with the slinky that Steph and Kara gave her.

What a full day!