October 8, 2011 - Georgia-Tennessee day

I know it is a bad picture, but this is a new bird (and I consider Georgia-Tennessee gameday as my birthday, so I can post whatever I want).
This is my first sighting of a rose-breasted grossbeak.

Steph and Kara came over.
(I think Kara wants to go back home.)

Ella shows Kara her new kitchen.

They get along great. Ella gives Kara her Dora shoe.

Almost game-time.

The gang's all ready.

Quick break for dancing to Dixieland.

Tara's theme.

Adriana, Teté and Ella are pumped up.

Not sure at what point in the program this is, but here is a pic

or two.

It is getting late, but Ella and Kara are still having fun.