October 5, 2011 - Ella's Birthday at home

While Ella naps, we start putting her presents together.

Jill stocks Ella's new kitchen.

There it is...

She got a lot of cards.
She's so loved...

Bill & Carey put together the Duplo house and everything else on the front of the container.

Tea party - with fruits and vegetables.

Stella and Ella dolls.

Finally, Ella wakes up - but is very, very tired.

She sees her kitchen - and likes it.

Someone asks her where her leche is - and she finds it.

Carey helps Ella in the kitchen.

Teté gives Ella a gift, too.

Its a microwave -

and a chef outfit, which Ella absolutely hates for about 15 minutes.

She needs her mommy to console her.

After a while, she's OK with it.

Pretty soon, she's loving it.

Ella gets back to the presents.

Back to the kitchen.

She loves it.

Teté shows Ella the rest of her gift - more food.

Ella loves the microwave.

What a cute little cook!

To end the night, we go to Provino's. We only have one handy way of proving her birthday for her free lasagna.

Too bad, because she's really only interested in garbonzo beans tonight...
What a day!