October 5, 2011 - Ella's Birthday at Amicalola

Ella's birthday continues at Amicalola.

Teté catch up.

Francis takes her charge, Gucy, and Ella for a swing.

Lunch-time - chicken salad.

Teté shows Gucy and Els the playground.

He's become her best friend (only friend, really).

Falling and waiting.

First up is a precious book from Aunt Jere.

Grandma gives her Duplos, with which she immediately wants to build a "house."

Silk pajamas from Nana. Ella wanted to put them on right away!

Francis' card is awesome, as is the Dora guitar.

Lolly and Pop give various types of grocery items (which will make sense later).

Ella loves the doll Gucy gave her that looks just like her!

Els passes out kisses to everyone.

Especially Gucy.

One last gift from Lolly.

Back to play-time, which starts with pushing Gucy.

(She's been asking for some.)

Gucy likes them (of course).

Ella is a bit slow,

but gets into it.

On the 2 minute drive to the middle of the falls, someone passes out.

Time for a walk.

Leaves are starting to turn. It isn't perfect yet, but it is good.

The north Georgia mountains.

"Ella backpack."

Teté and the little ones.

Great day at Amicalola.
Time to get Ella back for her nap before the rest of her birhtday.