October 5, 2011 - Ella's Birthday at Burt's

Ella's birthday starts at Burt's Pumpkin Patch, where Gucy joins us.

Ella wants her birthday kiss!

Ella marvels at the huge pumpkins.

Teté Ella, Gucy, and Jill duck down with the gourds.

Els and Gucy play in the patch.

Toting a yellow one.

Since Ella won't ride in the wheelbarrow, I have her help me push it.

Francis and Gucy.

Ella goes off to look for another good gourd.

Jill holds Gucy. What a great kid.

Ella wants to drive a tractor!

She's almost big enough...

Not sure about the hay.

She poses, anyway.

OK, now she likes it!

Halfway through the ride, we're treated to a talking pumpkin show.

Gucy and his girls.

Playing in the straw...

Group shot.

That's it.
After this, we head to Amicalola for a picnic.